Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

Amber Colored Bakelite Dress Clipplastic, Shoe Clipplastic, Carved. Diamond Shaped and Translucent.



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This plasticlovely plasticantique plasticis plastic2.5 plasticx plastic1.5" plasticand plastichas plastica plasticclip plasticattachment plasticwith plasticsharp plasticlittle plasticteeth. plasticI plasticam plasticnot plasticsure plasticif plasticit plasticis plastica plasticdress plasticclip, plastica plasticshoe plasticclip, plasticor plasticboth. plasticPossible plasticthat plasticthere plasticwere plasticonce plastictwo. plasticDeeply plastichand plasticcarved. plasticClip plasticreads plastic"MADE plasticIN plasticU.S.A."Gorgeous plasticand plasticvery plasticcool. plasticThe plasticcolor plasticis plasticlike plastica plasticnice plasticclear plasticamber. plasticThere plasticis plasticno plasticcrazing plastic(no plasticcrackle plasticsurface).

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