Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

charm, Maple Leaf Shell Pendant in Sterling Silver on 16"-18" Chain (Cast from real Gyrinium perca)



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This silverpiece silveris silvercast silvervia silverthe silverlost silverwax silvermethod silverfrom silvera silverreal silverantique silvercollector's silvershell. silverIt silveris silverrare silverto silverfind silversuch silvera silverbeautiful silverspecimen, silverwith silverthese silverlovely silverbroad silverflares. silverAll silverthe silverdetail silveris silverpreserved silverand silverhighlighted silverwith silveroxidation silverand silvera silvergood silverpolish.4mm silverjump silverring silverso silveryou silvercan silvereasily silverswitch silverthe silverchain silverif silveryou silverdesire. silverThe silverchain silverwill silverdiffer silverfrom silverthe silverone silvershown silveras silveran silverexample, silverbut silverit silveris silvera silversimple silversterling silversilver silverchain silverwith silveran silveradjustable silverextender silverchain silverat silverthe silverend.The silvershell silverpendant silveris silverabout silveran silverinch silverlong. silverShown silverwith silvera silverquarter silverfor silverscale.

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