Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

silver brooch, Huge Coro Sterling Gold Wash Bow Brooch 25gms



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THIS coro broochITEM coro broochIS coro broochAVAILABLE coro broochFOR coro broochSALEThis coro broochvery coro broochimpressive coro broochgold coro broochwash coro broochover coro broochsterling coro broochsilver coro broochbow coro broochbrooch coro broochhas coro broochthe coro broochCoro coro broochlogo coro broochin coro broochscript coro broochand coro broochis coro broochstamped coro broochsterling. coro broochIt coro broochmeasures coro brooch3 coro brooch1/2 coro broochinches coro broochacross coro broochand coro brooch1 coro brooch7/8 coro broochinch coro broochwide coro broochand coro broochweighs coro broochin coro broochat coro broocha coro broochgenerous coro brooch25gms. coro broochIt coro broochshows coro broochminimal coro broochwear coro broochto coro broochthe coro broochsurface coro broochand coro broochthe coro broochoverall coro broochcondition coro broochis coro broochgood.

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