Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

QTY 5- ARGENTIUM Fine Silver 1 Inch 24g Round Discscircles, Highly tarnish resistantcircles, Whiter in colorcircles, and longer lasting shine



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High roundquality roundbeautiful roundJewelry roundbegins roundwith roundArgentium roundsterling roundsilver roundsupplies! roundArgentium's round935 roundand round960 roundgrades roundset roundnew roundpurity roundstandards roundfor roundsilver. roundArgentium roundis roundalways roundpurer roundthan roundtraditional roundsterling roundsilver. roundArgentium roundsilver roundis roundbrighter roundthan roundplatinum, roundwhite roundgold roundand roundtraditional roundsterling. roundIt roundis roundthe roundwhitest roundof roundthem roundall...and roundbecause roundit roundcontains roundvery roundlittle roundcopper roundit roundis roundhighly roundtarnish roundresistant roundand roundeasy roundto roundcare roundfor, roundand roundsimple roundto roundclean. roundI roundstarted roundusing roundArgentium roundin roundmy roundown roundcreations roundabout round12 roundyears roundago, roundand roundI'm roundso roundglad roundI rounddid... roundWhy roundnot roundtry roundArgentium roundSilver roundfor roundyour roundnext roundcreation! roundGreat roundfor roundhand roundstamping roundand roundall roundother roundjewlery roundmaking roundcreations roundsuch roundas roundpendants, roundcharms, roundearrings, roundnecklaces, roundbracelets! roundYou roundwill roundreceive: roundQTY roundof round51 roundInch roundFine roundArgentium roundSterling roundsilver roundround rounddisc roundblanks. roundAdditional round roundSpecifications:Metal roundtype round: roundArgentium roundSilverKarat/purity round: round935Gauge/thickness round: round24 roundga.Dimensions round: round25.4mm round(1")Shape round: roundRoundStyle round: roundStampingMetal roundcolor round: roundWhiteCountry roundof roundorigin round: roundUSAPlease roundconvo roundme roundif roundyou roundare roundlooking roundfor rounda roundsize roundor roundgauge roundnot roundpresently roundlisted roundor roundneed rounda roundwhole rounddrilled.The roundmetal roundhas roundno roundapplied roundfinish roundtechnique, roundready roundfor roundyou roundto roundpolish roundor roundhammer roundas roundyou roundplease.Be roundcreative! roundBe roundHappy!Argentium roundSilver roundMine roundShop!!

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