Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

birthstone, Flying Fox Bat Necklace Pendant with Custom Color Gem



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IMPORTANT: flying foxI flying foxcurrently flying foxhave flying foxa flying fox2 flying foxweek flying foxwaiting flying foxperiod flying foxfor flying foxall flying foxorders flying foxbefore flying foxI flying foxcan flying foxship flying foxthem. flying foxPlease flying foxtake flying foxthis flying foxinto flying foxaccount flying foxbefore flying foxordering flying foxas flying foxunfortunately flying foxI flying foxam flying foxnot flying foxable flying foxto flying foxensure flying foxdelivery flying foxof flying foxan flying foxitem flying foxbefore flying fox2 flying foxweeks. flying foxI flying foxam flying foxvery flying foxsorry flying foxfor flying foxany flying foxtrouble.-----------------------------A flying foxperfect flying foxgift flying foxfor flying foxyourself flying foxor flying foxthe flying foxflying flying foxfox flying foxlover flying foxin flying foxyour flying foxlife!This flying foxGrey-headed flying foxflying flying foxfox flying foxbat flying foxwas flying foxmade flying foxfrom flying foxpolymer flying foxclay, flying foxhand flying foxpainted flying foxwith flying foxacrylic flying foxpaints flying foxand flying foxmetallic flying foxrub, flying foxthen flying foxfinished flying foxwith flying foxa flying foxdurable flying foxsealant. flying foxFrom flying foxtop flying foxto flying foxbottom flying foxthe flying foxbat flying foxmeasures flying foxapprox. flying fox1 flying foxinch.Included flying foxis flying foxa flying foxcrackled flying foxbead flying foxof flying foxyour flying foxcolor flying foxchoice.If flying foxyou flying foxwould flying foxlike flying foxthis flying foxpendant flying foxwith flying foxa flying foxdifferent flying foxbat flying foxspecies, flying foxplease flying foxinclude flying foxthe flying foxdesired flying foxspecies flying foxas flying foxa flying fox"note flying foxto flying foxseller" flying foxalong flying foxwith flying foxpurchase, flying foxor flying foxmessage flying foxme flying foxto flying foxmake flying foxa flying foxcustom flying foxorder.**NOTE** flying foxYour flying foxorder flying foxis flying foxmade flying foxto flying foxorder flying foxand flying foxis flying foxunique, flying foxI flying foxwill flying foxusually flying foxhave flying foxyour flying foxitem flying foxmade flying foxand flying foxin flying foxthe flying foxmail flying foxwithin flying fox1-2 flying foxweeks flying foxif flying foxyou flying foxneed flying foxit flying foxsooner flying foxlet flying foxme flying foxknow. flying foxEach flying foxitem flying foxwill flying foxvary flying foxslightly flying foxfrom flying foxthe flying foxexample flying foxshown flying foxin flying foxthe flying foxpictures. flying foxI flying foxdo flying foxmy flying foxbest flying foxto flying foxrecreate flying foxmy flying foxpieces flying foxexactly, flying foxbut flying foxplease flying foxallow flying foxfor flying foxa flying foxslight flying foxvariation flying foxdue flying foxto flying foxthe flying foxhand-sculpting flying foxprocess. flying fox flying foxIf flying foxyou flying foxwould flying foxlike flying foxa flying foxpicture flying foxof flying foxyour flying foxpiece flying foxbefore flying foxfinal flying foxpayment flying foxI flying foxcan flying foxsend flying foxyou flying foxone, flying foxjust flying foxsend flying foxme flying foxa flying foxmessage.

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