Custom Name Necklace with Rhinestone Letters

recycled, Boho Ceramic and Amazonite Necklace



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This stoneis stonea stonepretty stoneblue stonenecklace. stone stoneBoho stoneround stoneshape stoneand stonenatural stonenugget/pebble stonestone stoneAmazonite stonebeads.I stonemade stonethe stonependant stoneout stoneof stoneStoneware stoneclay. stoneThe stoneStoneware stoneClay stonependant stonemeasure stonejust stoneunder stone2 stoneinches stoneor stone5cm stoneroundThe stonenecklace stonemeasures stone16.5 stoneinches.Thanks stonefor stonelooking stoneand stoneBuying stonehandmade. stoneThis stoneitem stonewill stonebe stoneshipped stonefirst stoneclass stonemail stonevia stonethe stoneUSPS stonewith stonedelivery stoneconfirmation; stonePriority stoneMail stoneand/or stoneInsurance stoneis stoneavailable stoneas stonean stoneupgrade. stonePlease stonecontact stoneme stonebefore stoneyou stonepay stoneand stoneI stonewill stoneemail stoneyou stonean stoneupdated stoneinvoice. stoneInternational stoneorders stoneship stonevia stoneUSPS stoneFirst-Class stoneInternational.

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