Media Release – SULOM disciplinary committee on disturbances on Ekwendeni Hammers vs Blue Eagles Game

On 02nd July 2023, during a Super League game between Ekwendeni Hammers Football Club and
Blue Eagles Football Club at Mzuzu Stadium, when the referee blew the final whistle to mark the end
of the match, selected Blue Eagles players and officials attacked the officiating panel of referee Rose
Rose Zimba, Pierre Kumwenda, Khumbo Madhlopa and Mike Misinjo. The panel had to be rescued
by security personnel.
SULOM requested reports from stakeholders to establish the cause of the disturbances and make a
determination on the matter. The submitted reports prompted SULOM to summon Blue Eagles to a
disciplinary hearing on 12th July, 2023 at Lilongwe Hotel.
Blue Eagles was charged with three counts and pleaded guilty. Upon considering on all the
aggravating and mitigating factors, the Disciplinary committee gave the following determination:
1. On the charge of Failure to control actions of officials and players contrary to Article 26.2.32 as
read with Article 26.2.33 and 26.2.38 of the Super League of Malawi (SULOM) Rules and Regulations,
Blue Eagles Football Club is fined the maximum fine of the sum of MK1,500,000.00 (One Million Five
Hundred Kwacha)
2, On the Charge of Assaulting match officials contrary to Article of the Super League of
Malawi (SULOM) Rules and Regulations, 2023.
Sankhani Mkandawire, Tonic Viyuyi, Ranken Mwale, Richard Lapson and Chakonda Majanga are fined
the sum of MK500, 000.00 each. Further, the committee established that by the time the referee blew
the final whistle, Ranken Mwale was not in the field of play and only invaded the pitch to attack the
officiating panel. The Committee further bans Ranken Mwale for 4 games with immediate effect in
the Super League for his deplorable conduct and starring role in the whole fracas. As it can be
appreciated from the video footage, Ranken Mwale is seen chasing a member of the officiating panel
while carrying an object to wit a bib.
3 On the Charge of Bringing the game into disrepute contrary to Article 26.2.25 of the Super League
of Malawi (SULOM) Rules and Regulations, 2023.
Mr. Christopher Sibale is fined the sum of MK500, 000.00 for bringing the game into disrepute. The
Committee did not find anything to substantiate the charge as it is against Mr. Chimwemwe Chitedze
and following his plea of not guilty, the committee acquits Mr. Chitedze.


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