Sports Council Adamant on Gate Taking Shares

The Malawi National Council of Sports Board Chair has again urged the Football Association of Malawi to revisit its gate revenue percentage of Super League games.

Said Madise: “There is a need for FAM to give up part of the share it gets from top-flight football. It is high time our sports migrated to electronic ticketing. What SULOM and TNM are doing to come up with an e-ticketing platform is highly recommendable.”

The mandate of the task force was to investigate how gate revenue is managed, investigate alleged fraud and theft that takes place at sporting venues in the country, and propose or recommend to the Council ways to eradicate or minimize the same.

Amongst the key findings of the task force is that some club officials and competition organizers are at the center of the fraud and theft that takes place where collusion amongst stakeholders facilitates the vice.

Speaking at the same event, SULOM President Fleetwood Haiya said his body had become proactive on the matter and had taken giant steps to deal with the problem.

“As SULOM we have already taken a step in reducing gate fraud as we have agreed with the clubs that their shares of match day revenue will be transferred to their bank accounts to make sure that there is accountability. We believe that the Government, Council, FAM, and SULOM will work together with the guidance with the report- to take appropriate action as soon as possible,” said Haiya.


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