Tnm Super League Match Preview Week 5 Part 1

The terrain-TNM Super League race- is getting more rocky and unpredictable. To fans and local football enthusiasts the excitement is skyrocketing, of course depending on ones’ allegiance. Matchweek 5 starts as early as Friday. One fixture was moved 24 hours earlier by football authorities hence the change.

They are defiant, resilient, undefeated. Just returning from a long trip to the north where they ambushed Karonga United FC will have the guts and impetus to dare current TNM Super league leaders and defending champions FCB Nyasa Big Bullets. Mpira Stadium’s artificial turf will host this clash. The Stars of Bangwe will be undoubtly receive a standing ovation for their exploits thus far. Bullets should be wary of the Mavuto Lungu boys. The gaffer- a Bullets legend himself-would want to injure his former club by taking away points from the rich. A win for Bangwe will surely take the team closer to the top. At the same time Bullets would want to consolidate its position at the summit by ensuring that its rivals remain a distance far off. This match will most likely be fodder for ganyu supporters from which the boys from Bangwe will benefit from. Watch it, live it!

Take it or leave it Silver Strikers have re-introduced themselves as serious contenders to the title, on and off the pitch. The anger of their coach to win games, at his own cost, unfortunately, have transformed them into a side that is ruthlessly attacking with purpose, scoring goals for fun while defending with intent. Their statistics speak volumes, they scoring more and conceeding far less. Yet the Mighty Tigers side they are meeting aren’t an everyday side. called. On a good day they can spring a surprise even to giant. Last week they just plucked a vital point from the now disposed league leaders, Mighty Mukuru Wanderers in a brutal fashion sizzled with style and glamour. Bingu National Stadium will witness a parade of two finer suitors who play football as an art. This will be a battle of young blood on both ends. Ladies and gentlemen, take note of the build up plays, transitions, all but a piece of decorated art. Football awaits at BNS!

The lions of Kaning’ina were seriously wounded and intensely bruised, yes. Last weekend Moyale Barracks FC were at the recieving end of sporadic bullets from Ndirande mountain. But locally the phrase ‘Mkango ukanyowa susanduka mphaka’ should not taken proverbially. At Mzuzu Stadium it is the Kaning’ina lions that knows the paths and the trenches to hide and launch ambush attacks. Moyale Barracks should roar. However, they are going into combat with a bitter opponent Mighty Mukuru Wanderers FC. After three weeks of unchallenged league leadership just one draw saw them tumble to third. Im telling you the Nomads are not taking this humiliation lying down. Coach Mark Harrison should be telling his boys to shake themselves up and stand to be counted at the crucial moment.are bitter, their purity start received some minor dent, though still unbeaten. The blues are well known to get things their way even in most unlikely places. But the soldiers are not going to be easy meat. This will be a thrilling encounter with Moyale having a slender advantage of home turf familiarity . The Nomads though have the experience and tenacity within their squad to wrestle and whisk the points away. Come, you all, who are thirst of football sight!

The Eagles seem to have regained their rhythm. Chalking their first win of the season against league returnees Chitipa United, the cops have restored their belief going into the game, against a side that is struggling to replicate its last season prowess. Both sides have a history to repeat. The cops were second best last season while Dedza made history as a shining star among new comets. The flamboyance of the chilly town boys were noticeable both on the pitch and in the terraces. Now the Eagles are in their nest and will not be willing to allow any intruder to take away any piece of bread. At times Nankhaka has been a fortress, a castle so inpenetrateable. Largely a balanced affair this promises to be. But one team is likely going to take it all home. With nothing to seriously dissect, in terms of technical gaps between the sides, both have not been impressive yet this reminisces the lines of Jack Mapanje, ‘Anybody’s game!’

This will be a second all military affair in the league this season. Such games are difficult to predict, rather to close to call. The grenades, the barrels, talk of ballistic long and short range missiles. A battle of fury not for the faint-hearted, in summation. Both teams will try to take the law into their own hands, they have the liberty, anyway. Red Lions, decorated as MDF headquarters flag carriers, were surprise winners against Dedza Dynamos, if their recent display was anything to go by. They travel to Lilongwe a side buzzing and muzzling with confidence. It is only sad, that their brothers in arms, will not accord them a hand of charity. It will be a case of friendly fire from related platoons. The Chiwoko boys showed no mercy eliminating Extreme FC with the mightiest force. It will be a highly contested meeting that slightly tilt towards the landlord of the day. Who dares, will be given a guard of honor!

If you want to tussle with a crocodile, don’t dare to fight it at its natural habitat. The civil servants have no any other alternative but to step into the crocs infested waters. After all a boy from Bangwe only last week fished into the same waters and walked back home smiling carrying a giant fish. Now the pain of a loss suffered against Bangwe All Stars is still troubling the Ingwinas of Karonga tormentously. They may not want to be drowned twice, not in the same waters, never! Both teams tied at five points apiece, only distanced by goal margins, the affair will be intriguing from the start to the end. Coach Oscar Kaunda, whose bread at some point, was being buttered at Karonga FC, knows pretty well the task that lies ahead, so are his men. The servants, who themselves dropped a point against Mafco, would like to make amends for for last week’s gaffes. They match up north with confidence knowing it is possible although not easy. If they will survive at Karonga, a sigh of relief will be written all over their faces. There is no honor in foreign soil!


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