The Super League of Malawi (SULOM) is pleased to announce the disbursement of funds amounting to K5 million to each of the 14 TNM Super League clubs out of the 16 affiliated teams. Two clubs, Baka City and Creck Sporting Club, are yet to finalize the required documentation and thus have not received the funds at this time.

SULOM, in collaboration with the Football Association of Malawi (FAM), acknowledges the critical importance of financial support to the clubs for their sustainability and operations. In recognition of this, the subventions have been significantly increased from K1 million to K20 million for each club over the past two seasons.

This substantial increase demonstrates our commitment to reviving, reforming, and rebranding the elite league. SULOM is dedicated to ensuring that clubs have the necessary resources to manage their daily operations effectively.

We would therefore like to assure all stakeholders that another tranche of funds will be disbursed to the clubs shortly to further support their operational needs.

SULOM remains committed to fostering a competitive and professional football league in Malawi. We appreciate the cooperation and efforts of all clubs in meeting the required standards and look forward to the continuous improvement of the league.


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