The President

Fleetwood Haiya

Fleetwood Haiya is the esteemed president of the Super League of Malawi (SULOM), assuming the role with utmost dedication and a profound passion for football. As the president, Haiya shoulders the immense responsibility of overseeing the day-to-day operations and strategic direction of the league. His role encompasses a wide array of crucial responsibilities, including formulating and implementing policies, fostering positive relationships with clubs and stakeholders, ensuring the fair conduct of matches, and promoting the development of football talent throughout Malawi. 


With great pleasure and honour, I present to you the 2023 Super League of Malawi (SULOM) Handbook. This handbook is a compendium consisting of the SULOM Constitution, the 2023 Super League Rules and Regulations as well as the 2023 TNM Super League fixtures. The handbook demonstrates the progress that SULOM is making in its quest to Revive, Reform and Rebrand Malawi’s elite league. Being the first of its kind, it provides a rare opportunity for all soccer loving Malawians to appreciate the legal and regulatory framework that guides SULOM in the administration of the League. It also creates an opportunity for football lovers and cooperating partners to have a feel of the entire 2023 Super League Season. 

It is pleasing to note that this season, SULOM has released fixtures for the entire season instead of the usual piecemeal approach. I am also glad to see that this season each team will be playing one game per week. These progressive changes  are aimed at enhancing competition in the league thereby making the league more attractive and professional. The changes will also help SULOM maximize revenue from gate collections, advertisements and broadcasting rights for the benefit of the teams. This season promises to be more competitive and exciting due to structural reforms in both administrative and technical aspects of the league. Surely, we are going to see more fireworks in the 2023 season. 

I, therefore, wish to appeal to all teams and their respective supporters to practice Fair Play and to avoid violence and hooliganism. Football is a beautiful game. Let us all make our stadiums a safe environment that can accommodate people from all walks of life. We have to give our league a human face by demonstrating civility and humanity in every sense of it. I remain greatly indebted to all the 16 Super League Teams for reposing their trust in me and the entire SULOM Executive Committee (EXCO) to lead them in changing the face of the game from an amateur to a professional league. I wish to reiterate our commitment towards the betterment of the league and Malawi football in general. Be assured that the current EXCO is determined to serve the clubs in their best interest.

I further wish to commend the media for the massive support it provides to the league. The media continues to play a vital role in raising the awareness of the League both within and outside Malawi. Without the media, the journey to revive, reform and rebrand our League would be a process in futility. We will therefore continue to collaborate with the media to identify strategies that can uplift the status of the league.

As I conclude, allow me to sincerely thank our league sponsors TNM Plc for their invaluable support and contribution to our elite league. As a league we encourage all our affiliates and stakeholders to show support and loyalty to the TNM brand so that it grows bigger and stronger. For the clubs, partners and fans I would ask them to patronize TNM services and products to create more sponsorship opportunities for the League. I wish you all a joyous and wonderful 2023 season. Tiyipatse moto. Let the best
team win.

Fleetwood Haiya


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